This agreement gives CMA Canada members preferred access to CIMA membership. Preferred access to membership helps organisations improve their market competitiveness and expand career opportunities for management accountants.

CIMA and CMA Canada are the only two organisations in the world solely dedicated to the management accounting profession.

Please note that members of CPA Australia or CMA Canada who are elected to CIMA membership through the 'preferred access' route after 31 January 2012 will not be eligible to use the CGMA designation.


  • You join a global network of business leaders specialised in management accountancy.
  • Greater job mobility, increasing your employability around the world.
  • You become a chartered management accountant, allowing you to use the initials ACMA/FCMA.
  • You are recognised as having a management qualification as well as an accountancy qualification.

The numerous other advantages include a dedicated jobs board, CPD resources, free events worldwide, and access to topical and innovative research.


CMA members will be eligible for associate membership in CIMA and enjoy the same benefits as CIMA members provided they meet the accreditation and practical experience requirements that have been established by CIMA.

To apply for CIMA membership, you will need the following documents:

- Date joined CMA Canada.
- date advanced to current status.
- date up to which current membership is paid.
- confirmation that you are not a member of CMA Canada by virtue of another MRA.
- confirmation you are not currently under any disciplinary sanctions or investigations and have not been subject to any disciplinary sanctions in the past five years.

Please note: When our assessors receive your application they must see that your CMA membership is paid up to at least 3 months in the future. Please take this into consideration when requesting your letter from CMA Canada and submitting your application to us.


You will need to make an application for CIMA membership and then pay an annual subscription fee. See the latest list of fees.

How to apply

Complete all of the above documentation and send to:

Membership Applications
The Helicon
One South Place

If you have any queries, please call our contact centre on +44 (0)20 8849 2251.