Three great reasons to use CIMAplus

  1. Enhancing your employability

    Employers will recognise you have the ability to drive their organisations forward.

  2. Save yourself time and money

    Meet your CPD requirements for the year in one go with our cost effective package.

  3. Be flexible and use tailored resources

    Meet your individual CPD needs with access to a wide range of resources.

Buy CIMAplus now for GBP80 + VAT


CIMAplus is reviewed every year. If you are a current or former CIMAplus subscriber please take 5 minutes to tell us how we can improve the service in 2017.

Everyone who responds to the survey will be entered into a prize draw for a £100 Amazon voucher.

Save time and money with our CPD package

CIMAplus is a package of continuing professional development products designed to help you meet your CPD needs. 

CIMAplus consists of tailored CPD products and services which complement the free CPD resources already available to members. Please see the next tab for more information on what's included.

At still only GBP80 (plus VAT) for a 12 month subscription, CIMA members who subscribed to CIMAplus in 2015 made significant savings on the cost of the products if purchased separately. 

Please note that subscriptions purchased between October 2015 and July 2016 will last until 31December 2016. If you have any questions please call CIMA contact on +44 (0)20 8849 2251 or email us.

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The benefits

CIMAplus offers a unique opportunity to meet most of your continuing professional development (CPD) needs.

The benefits of CIMAplus include

  • Save time and money - fulfil most of your CPD requirements and get access to resources worth hundreds of pounds for only GBP80 (plus VAT). 
  • Keep up to date - access magazines and journals that provide strategic and operational insight from thought leaders.
  • Meet your specific technical interests - book two courses from the CIMA on demand online series at no charge.
  • Manage your career development within the changing needs of the finance function - access an archive of research reports, executive summaries and talking heads on finance transformation.
  • Get additional discounts - save on a variety of CIMA training and events.

Magazines and publications

Our research has highlighted a strong global demand from CIMA members for publications offering insight into a wide range of news, views and articles from the world of finance and management.

To meet this customer need, CIMAplus includes exclusive access to a comprehensive collection of premium business information including: 

  • 4,400 magazines and journals
  • 1.4 million company information records
  • 125,000 real-time newswires and news feeds

CIMA on demand



CIMAplus subscribers can select and access two online courses from the full CIMA on demand course catalogue at no extra cost. Access to the courses will be made available for the full CIMAplus subscription year.

CIMA on demand offers a range of online courses covering a variety of topics including:

  • management accounting
  • accounting updates
  • corporate finance and treasury
  • financial reporting
  • law and tax matters
  • business, personal and management skills.

The majority of courses can be completed in less than two hours giving you the flexibility to control when and where you learn.

View a demo of a course or browse the course catalogue.

If you are an existing CIMAplus subscriber, log into your My CIMA account for more information on selecting your two free courses.

Full terms and conditions of CIMA on demand.

Finance transformation

CIMAplus gives you exclusive access to an archive of research reports, executive summaries and talking heads on the changing role of the finance function. 

These reports are required reading for anyone who wants to understand the implications for the development of finance professionals in terms of the experience, skills and competencies required. 

Finance transformation: the evolution to value creation (retails separately at GBP 145)

Based on over 4500 consultations worldwide, this unique report helps organisations with planning and developing the finance organisation, and supports individuals in their career development.

Published: October 2009, this report and an executive summary are yours when you subscribe to CIMAplus.




Ledgers to leadership: a journey through the finance function (retails separately at GBP95).

This report provides comprehensive data, analysis and calls to action on the skills and competencies required for the finance function, and the strategies needed for recruitment and retention of the best talent.

Published: April 2010. This report and an executive summary are yours when you subscribe to CIMAplus.




Finance and organisational performance: shaping the future (retails separately at GBP95)

Our third report based on over 4500 consultations worldwide, this paper provides insight into how the finance function's shape, structure and roles are changing to meet organisational objectives more successfully.

From efficiency to effectiveness: transforming the finance service delivery mix (retails separately at GBP50)

This report investigates the impact of finance transformation.

Transformation talking heads 

Updated quarterly, discover the opinions and insights of a wide range of senior finance professionals on the key challenges and opportunities facing finance.

These short and sharp talking heads put finance transformation into real business context.

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Buy CIMAplus now

The total cost of CIMAplus is GBP80 (plus VAT) for an annual subscription. This gives unlimited access to all products and services for 12 months.

When will my CIMAplus subscription expire?

A CIMAplus subscription provides you with access to all the products and services for 12 months in line with your CIMA membership; 1 January to 31 December.

Buying CIMAplus when you renew your membership.

CIMAplus is now available to buy.

All you need to do is to add CIMAplus to your financial statement when renewing your membership subscription online.

Buying CIMAplus after you renew your CIMA membership.

You can still subscribe to CIMAplus even after you’ve renewed your membership.

To buy CIMAplus, you just need to log into My CIMA using your unique contact ID and password.

Once you've purchased CIMAplus you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to access the resources.


Please call CIMA contact on +44 (0)20 8849 2251 or email us.

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