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Competition stages

The CIMA GBC competition is run in three stages. Teams of four act as consultants and compete amongst teams within their country or region at the early stages. The winning team then proceeds to the global final, to be held in Poland, Europe, representing their country or region in the battle for the global champion title.

Stage one – case study analysis

Teams prepare a 3000 word report based on the GBC challenge material. The challenge material includes the following:

  • case study
  • scenario
  • tips and techniques document.

Submit your report to your local region by the deadline for that region.

Stage two – synopsis and presentation (country / regional final)

Four to six teams (depending on country / region) are shortlisted at country or regional level.* These shortlisted teams are required to:

  • write a two page synopsis of their report
  • prepare a team video based on a given brief
  • give an oral presentation
  • participate in a question and answer session with the judges at the end of each presentation.

*Depending on the country, there might be an additional stage before the country final. A country may be split into regions. Therefore participants will compete at regional level and the regional winners will then proceed to the country final. For more information, please refer to your country / regional page.

Stage three – presentation (global final)

The winning team from each country or region will compete in the global final. They will be required to:

  • submit their two page synopsis
  • submit their team video
  • present to an audience, which includes a panel of high profile international judges
  • participate in a question and answer session with the judges at the end of each presentation.

Learn how to make a great presentation

Watch this video to boost your chances of making the global final!

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Rules of the competition

Rules of the competition

Find out if you are eligible to take part in the GBC.

Case study and format

Case study and format

Check out the challenge material you need and the format to follow.

What will I get out of it?

What will I get out of it?

The GBC is about new opportunities and exciting rewards.