The Global Management Accounting Principles

Globalisation and the break-neck pace of technological progress are making change harder to predict and organisations more vulnerable. Getting the right information is everything.

The management accounting system must be at the heart of any organisation. Best practice systems provide the right information and analysis to allow organisations to plan, adapt and implement strategy while managing risk and remaining sustainable.

CIMA and the AICPA held a consultation between February and May 2014 to create a pioneering set of Global Management Accounting Principles©. Their intention is to enable businesses and organisations across the world to have the very best MA systems in place.

The need for principles

Financial reporting, with its focus on past activity, is no longer sufficient. Our Global Management Accounting Principles provide a forward-looking focus that many organisations still lack.

Organisations must do more to respond appropriately to risks and to protect the value they create, at a time when available information has never been more abundant, more complex or more difficult to interpret.

Combining financial reporting with a principles led management accounting approach will create a comprehensive system fit for our era of uncertainty that will, put simply, make business better.

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Next steps

The consultation period is now closed. The Global Management Accounting Principles will be launched in October 2014.